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About Us

Our Location
The main office is located in Gorham, Kansas.

Gorham Telephone:
100 Market Street
Gorham, KS 67640

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Our History

Gorham Telephone Company (GTC) is a full service local exchange carrier providing telecommunications services to Gorham, Luray, Paradise and Waldo, Kansas. 

The first telephone company in this area was known as the Russell-Gorham Telephone Company. The local farmers experimented with telephone lines strung on the top of barb wire fences. The company was incorporated April 10, 1905 and the company was authorized to sell 200 shares of stock at ten dollars each. At that time poles were set and proper lines were strung. 

In 1927 the name of the Russell-Gorham Telephone Company was changed to the Gorham Telephone Company. 

George W. Murphy purchased controlling interest of the Gorham exchange in 1944. He and his family moved from St. Louis where he had been employed by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company for 20 years. His wife, Almira, and his children all played a part in making sure the telephone company ran smoothly. 

From 1947 to 1956 several exchanges were purchased (Victoria, Pfeifer, Olmitz, Galatia, Natoma and Waldo) and converted to all-relay automatic dial telephone system. During the 1960’s George decided to sell all but the Gorham and Waldo exchange. 

John and Judy Murphy bought controlling interest in the phone company in 1967. In 1978 a new Stromberg-Carlson switch was installed in both the Gorham and Waldo exchanges. Their children helped out in the operations of the office as the industry encountered many changes. During 1988 and 1989, all the rural lines were buried and one party service was provided to everyone. In 1993 two new digital switches were installed and equal access/ss7 was available to the telephone customers. 

Mike and Tonya Murphy purchased the company in 1997. GTC became its own internet provider in 2000, long distance was offered in 2003 and in the fall of 2004 Cable TV was incorporated into the mix. GTC purchased the Luray and Paradise telephone exchanges and the Luray Cable TV system in 2006. 

The entire telephone plant was once again upgraded in 2006-2007 with FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home), which offers the customers the very latest in technology.