Long Distance from Gorham Telephone Company

Choose GTC Long Distance (LD) as your long distance provider and get the convenience of one bill.
In addition, have the peace of mind that your call is clear and secure.
Calling plans includes calls to Continental United States, do not includes calls to Alaska, Canada, Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico or International. 

Call 1

No monthly fee

Call 100

$9.95 / month
100 anytime minutes
$.07 after 100

Call 2

$3.95 / month


$25.95 / month
1 Year Contract
Resident Only 

800 #

$2.95 / month
$.13 a minute

800 Number

This service can be used by family and friends out of town or allow business customers to reach you toll free.
800 Number service is $2.95 per month and .13¢ per minute.

Gorham Telephone Company
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Gorham, KS 67640


Office Hours
M-F 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm

Phone: 785-637-5300
Fax: 785-637-5590
Email: gtc@gorhamtel.com