Tech Schield

Includes Router, Wire Maintenance & TechShield for $7.90 per month. Without it, it could cost you time & material.

What is Tech Schield?

Tech Schield includes premier Wi-Fi connectivity, inside wire maintenance, & router maintenance. By signing up for Tech Shield it will ensure the wiring and jacks in your home stay in proper working condition.

Why Should I Have It?
Superior Wi-Fi Internet – The latest Wi-Fi routers are faster and more versatile than ever, offering many powerful new features. One important feature makes it possible for the router to send data over two different radio frequencies or “bands”: the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band. Routers that use both bands are called “dual-band” router.

Wire Maintenance and Equipment – If there were to be an issue with the equipment, you can be assured that a Gorham TelCom technician will walk you through trouble shooting the issue. If said issue can’t be resolved over the phone, then the technician would come to your home to fix or replace the equipment.

Without Tech Schield – There may be a $100 charge for a technician to repair wiring, jacks, or other problems that they may find. 

What Does it Cover?
If you encounter a problem at your home such as no dial tone, Wi-Fi isn’t working properly, or you may need assistance with your TV, Total Care will cover the charge for a technician to visit your home. The technician will repair any issues that he may find.

What Doesn’t it Cover?

  • Remote control batteries or battery replacement
  • Business networking
  • Business Telephone Systems; Key system or PBX
  • Streaming TV equipment such as Fire Sticks, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, etc.
  • Wireless router not provided by Gorham TelCom
  • Installation of new jacks
  • Customer caused issues, such as pets chewing on wires, accidentally cutting a wire during a home remodel, etc.
  • Repair of telephones, televisions or computers and all peripheral device

To sign up for Tech Schield, fill out the form below.



SecureIT, SecureIT Plus, FileHopper, Password Genie, Personal Defender

TechShield $7.90 / Month

  • SecureIT – New digital threats appear every day, but with SecureIT you’ll get industry-leading essential protection, including antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and anti-phishing.
  • File Hopper Mobile – FileHopper is the easiest way to backup your files! Install on your computer, smartphone and tablet, and your files will be available wherever you are!
  • Password Genie – Passwords, logins, credit card numbers, insurance info, pin numbers, garage codes, Rx numbers, hotel points and frequent flyer numbers. the list goes on and on. No more “forgot password” problems. Save and store usernames and passwords, then auto-fill your logins the next time you visit a site.
  • Everything listed above provides protection for up to 10 devices. ( 5 Computers & 5 Mobile Devices)

TechShield Plus $12.90 / Month

  • SecureIT Plus – Great for connected families, SecureIT Plus does it all. You get all the standard features plus parental controls, content filtering and disk defragmentation to keep your computer not only protected but optimized.
  • File Hopper Plus – It only takes one to see the value of FileHopper Mobile, one hard drive crash, one fire, one break in, one accidental deletion, or one BigGulp spill and your valuable files are gone. So be prepared for anything. Backup your important documents, photos, music, and emails with FileHopper today!
  • Password Genie – Convenient password manager keeps online accounts safe from data breaches. Never have to use pen and paper again, password genie saves all of your website usernames and passwords so you never have to write them down or remember them again!
  • Personal Defender – Identity protection with guaranteed restoration services. Financial & Personal Monitoring, Lost Wallet Assistance, Dark Web Monitoring, Identity Restoration, Identity Theft Insurance, & Mobile App.
  • Everything listed above provides protection for up to 10 devices. ( 5 Computers & 5 Mobile Devices)

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